Whether the weather
Dinner notes
Being ignored
Celebrity drivel
Count to 10
Summer slim
Ring ring
Magnetic collar
See you later
Ace gym
Lazy Susan
Star gazing
Fringe benefits
Dark forces
The keeper
Middle East
Cat poses
Cat gardening
End of the affair
Next cat
Universal theory
Eye sore
Change of decor
Self loathing
Made of chocolate

Housewives' choice
Opposable thumbs
Darwin debunked
Battle stations
Slow down
Dog drink
Indecent proposal
Feline fart
Pussy parable
Dog's dinner
Flexible friend
Feeding frenzy
Food talk
Happy days
Consoling cat
Meaning of life
Smelly Suzy
Men & pussies
Lamp attack
Cat dancing
Chemical addiction
Devil woman
Touchy feely
Holiday blues
Sweet talk
Flapper girl
Bundle of love
Feline rejection
Road to hell
Four letter word
Size matters
Cat in the corner
Feline texting
Something's stirring
Marrying money
Evil words
Thigh sighs
Basket case
Room with a view
Feeding fetish
Face facts
Boss bitch
Dog letter
Dog talk
Finger attack
Bluebird of happiness
Taking the P
The calling
Purring plea
Free show
Snack attack
Time and motion
Job title
Canine slur
Intrepid explorer
Pretty kitty
Furry nipples
Depression cure
Xmas present
Fancy dress
End of the affair
Long goodbye
Morag's back
Rude awakening
Pandora's box
Soapy Suzy
Shrinking Suzy
Mice tails
Wash day
Posh nosh
Suzy undressing
Filthy beast
Eau de lion

Lap flood
Plaster cast
Dressing gown
Being like Snowy
Top Cat
Legs up
Mince confusion
Cat's eyes
Prawn thirst
Cute kitty
Human invention
Cat flap
Naughty cat
Hint taken
Out of reach
Street corner
Sick Suzy
Losing weight
Spider attack
Friday night
Prayer time
Up a tree
Guilty eater
Wish list
Lady Macbeth
Greedy pig
Bum attack
Hot date
Lap dancing
Bird fight
Kiss this
Cute guy
Public house
Making a mess
Dinner time
Different strokes
Wash day
Cream tea
Voodoo shopping
Cat protest
Returned parcel
Waiting for a call
Lonely hearts
New computer
Georgy Porgy
Cream cakes
Putting on weight
Single Suzy
Cat years
Census form

Hard lap
Swivel chair
Gone fishing
Bath-time blues
Lap trouble
Catz in the hood
Territory trouble
Phone jealousy
Lovely Lola
Cat allergy
One left
Business cat
Chinese whispers
Lucky black cat
Dog alert
Classy chassis
Running man
Coffee break
Lap length
Kitty litter
Rough stroke
Cat's conscience
Fortune teller
Shopping list
Dog attack
Lap attack
Unconditional love
Lap tactics
What a cutey!
Talent spotting
Strange guests
Two sticks
Sparrow's breath
Delayed ironing
Cat in the lap
Hello lunch
Milk treads
Greedy cow
Hoover monster
Smoky's hammock
Boundary dispute
Only a dream
Bird revenge
Mood change
Surprise visit
Play fighting
Shadow play
Mouse house
Veggie food